CBD oil has gained popularity in just a short time. Scientists, doctors, and researchers are continually finding new ways that CBD oil helps our bodies. Not only does it help combat pain, but it is showing signs of reducing the growth of cancer. With all the benefits you can get from CBD oil, many people are concerned about whether it is ok to take CBD oil and breastfeed.


CBD oil is one out of hundreds of cannabinoids that comes from a cannabis plant. We naturally produce cannabinoids in our own bodies. In fact, we have 2 receptors in our bodies for cannabinoids throughout the body. They are found mostly in our brain. CBD oil can help with the body regulate anxiety, depression, nausea, cancer, and various other ailments that are still being studied to this day.


There are huge controversies on the use of CBD oil. CBD has a huge stigma because many people think it is marijuana since it is made from the marijuana plant. However, CBD does not contain the component THC which is the compound in marijuana that gets you “high.”

With this stigma, comes an even bigger stigma….Is CBD oil safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding? As new parents, we want only what is best for our children, so many parents believe a parent who uses CBD while breastfeeding is setting her child up for failure. However, there are groups of parents that believe using CBD while breastfeeding does no harm to their child.

The truth is, if you choose to use a medication or herbal supplement while breastfeeding, it is important to discuss it with your doctor, first! There are many medications that a doctor will weigh the pros and cons to determine the safest route for you and baby. CBD oil is no different in this perspective.

The biggest issue around taking CBD oil while breastfeeding is the fact that little research has been done. Scientists are not sure how the CBD oil will affect the breastfeeding baby.


Although it has not been tested in depth the outcome of using CBD oil while breastfeeding, we do know that breast milk naturally contains cannabinoids without the mother ever taking CBD or THC. In fact, research has found that some of the same cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant are crucial to the development.

  • They teach a new baby how to eat. Without specific cannabinoids, babies would not know how to suckle or eat, and they would not have a desire to.
  • Women who smoked cannabis have been studied. Babies are more social, engaged, and make contact quicker when a mother has smoked cannabis while pregnant.
  • Babies are calmer after feeding on the breast. It is believed that babies are more relaxed after feeding on the breast because of the cannabinoids found in breast milk.
  • There is no evidence that CBD or THC is in breast milk naturally. However, evidence does know we pass cannabinoids through breast milk to the baby naturally.

Bookmark this page and google each of the compounds listed above. There is a wealth of information on the internet that will show you how amazing cannabinoids are.

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